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Are you a pet lover?

If you are a pet lover, of course you want and often capture the moment with them. I have gigs create a cute avatar for your pet. Oww not only that. I will make a cute avatar for you and your favorite pet. Just choose it. I am waiting for a response from you all pet lovers.



A new Gig have arrive!



On this Gig, there is many possibility to do with it, not just as a picture profile or print it and place to the wall. It can make communicate with it or express yourself with it. This gig is a bridge that brings the desire to meet with the appearance of feeling into a language that is more tastety, mmm… yummy.

Take a look a while I have 1 new gig

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new gig on fiver!!

i make another gig on

check it out!!!!product-baru_1

take a look my sprite…

lately i sale sprites character for game.. i sale on
wish me luck

here take a look preview

I will draw your photo into my style cartoon

I will draw your photo with my cartoon vector style…



want to know more? check out my gig here

thank you

OpenAL32.dll problem on game

Have you had problems to play a game then pop up window in it contains something about openAL32.dll and have to reinstall so the problem is resolved.
Oh dear, when we reinstalled the pop up windows  still showing and we can not play the game. I have experience while playing Zombie drivers.  I re-install it again but the results remain the same.

To solve such problems, you can simply download oalinst.exe
at this address and
install oalinst.exe
then reinstallyour game.
I hope this is useful.