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The Human Machine by George B Bridgman


What is the difference between art anatomy and Bridgman’s concept of the human machine? The human machine is the body as not only a fixed framework but also as a complex work of art which moves and was designed to move.
In over 400 drawings, George B. Bridgman demonstrates the machine through the presentations which made him a gifted lecturer and teacher in his nearly fifty years at the Art Students League in New York and which gave life to drawings by his many students during those years. All skeletal and muscular systems are fully identified, and all are shown in front, back, and side views.


scan book Arthur L. Guptill – Sketching and Rendering in Pencil


You are lucky to have seen or maybe have downloaded this book, considering this book is somewhat rare and very familiar in the faculty of arts and architects. Pencil and ink media spelled out the cheapest image media but Arthur L Guptill is not so. He describes these two media in great detail so as to explain them requires 4 to 5 pages without illustration.
It is certain that this book is intended for artists or someone who wants to improve their knowledge of drawing using ink and pencil

art power by Boris Groys

artpow explains a little outline contained in Art Power’s book. In that review  he explain that “Art has its own power in the world, and is as much a force in the power play of global politics as it once was in the arena of cold war politics.” Art, argues the distinguished theoretician Boris Groys, is hardly A powerless commodity subject to the art market’s fiat of inclusion and exclusion In Art Power, Groys examines modern and contemporary art according to its ideological function Art, Groys writes, is produced and brought before the public in two ways-as a commodity and As a tool of political propaganda In the contemporary art scene, very little attention is paid to the latter function.

Arguing for the inclusion of politically motivated art in contemporary art discourse, Groys considers art produced under totalitarianism, Socialism, and post-Communism. He also considers today’s mainstream Western art-which he finds behaving more and more according to the norms of ideological propaganda: produced and exhibited for the masses at international exhibitions, biennials, and festivals. Contemporary art, Groys argues, demonstrates its power by appropriating the iconoclastic gestures directed against itself-by positioning itself simultaneously as an image and as a critique of the image. In Art Power, Groys examines this fundamental appropriation that produces the paradoxical object of the modern artwork “.

Konser barongsai di sebrang kantor notaris Dwi

Menjelang tahun baru cina seperti biasa nuansa tiongkok di berbagai daerah tak termasuk di salah satu sudut kota cimahi.. jalan cihanjuang. Depan kantor notaris Dwi ayu. Masyarakat dan orang yang berbelanja ikut nonton keramaian ini. 



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