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OpenAL32.dll problem on game

Have you had problems to play a game then pop up window in it contains something about openAL32.dll and have to reinstall so the problem is resolved.
Oh dear, when we reinstalled the pop up windows  still showing and we can not play the game. I have experience while playing Zombie drivers.  I re-install it again but the results remain the same.

To solve such problems, you can simply download oalinst.exe
at this address and
install oalinst.exe
then reinstallyour game.
I hope this is useful.

cartown skin

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Debug on x-men legends II

there may be some friends who had trouble going to play X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse, the appearance of debug, so we can not continue or may never play this game.

well, this is the trick …
pop up window appears when the debug (Alchemy report handler), press alt + tab, then right click and select close. sometimes only once, but if the debug window it still appears to do the same thing repeated again

ups what the h$#@#k…

Relax… dont panic just alt+tab and right click on Alchemy report handler task bar and close repeatly.

alt+tab again and play the game


Cartown skin

This is what I have done during the fill time and play Cartown on facebook. I have plans to make the skin public transportation in my town.
If you like it please click the link below.

Download skin